Why Abuse

Why Abuse:The Search for a Motive is Over

Abuse and violence are everyday occurrences. – But, humanity grapples to answer, WHY. Children are killing children in mass school shootings and violent physical attacks. Innocent children are physically and sexually abused, exploited and murdered. And communities across the nation and around the world live in fear.

I learned through personal suffering; the motives identified through scientific knowledge are not 100% accurate. And the solutions deemed to resolve abuse and violence are band-aid fixes.

In fact, the patterns of behavior are signs and symptoms of a different problem. And your perception, who and what you believe, is crucial to understanding the motives and finding the answers for authentic healing.

Why Abuse by Linda M Carleton is a book for abuse victims, survivors and their families, police, and detectives or anyone who is desperately searching to answer WHY.


I’m moving forward in 2019 with the book “Why Abuse: The Search for a Motive is Over.” – Shifting perceptions past awareness. Aiding victims, survivors and their families, police and detectives in understanding the motives and obtaining the solution for genuine healing.


Perception is the key to unlock the motive for abuse. The problem is humanity searches for answers with knowledge, instead of relying on divine wisdom and eternal truth.

Humanities perception is distorted and the motives given for abuse and violence are not accurate. Society searches for answers with scientific knowledge, so people don’t recognize the root cause. They walk in darkness and fail to grasp the truth, and find a solution for authentic healing.

Why Abuse is a source of wisdom and truth for anyone, who wants to know what the motives behind abuse are and how to mend the wounds.

This book provides insights gleaned on the motivations for abuse. It directs your attention to the underlying “root cause” enabling you to understand why abuse happens from a different perspective.

So victims, survivors, and their families, investigators and detectives can understand the motives for abuse and violence and obtain the solution for authentic healing.

Here is a sample of the Start Here (about) page. I’m not sure when it will be ready for public viewing. I hope within a few months. I’ll post updates in this section of the blog as they become available.

Start Here

Why Abuse – assists you in learning the root cause of abuse and violence and finding the bona fide answers for authentic healing. If you want recovery; this book is for you. – Welcome!

I’m Linda M Carleton, an abuse survivor rescued by God’s grace. – I understand the woeful plight of abuse victims and survivors.

Suffering the cruel and inhumane treatment of abuse and violence. And experiencing the crippling fear, mental anguish, and emotional turmoil. Not to mention the profound agony of loss.

I also endured abuse and violence and lived in silence with fear, guilt, and shame. For twenty-two years, I too sought to understand the reasons and find the answers to one question.

Why Abuse

Why did my parent’s abuse their children?

Why was my husband abusive?

I couldn’t understand what their motives were. But, desperately wanted the answers for authentic healing.

God in His amazing grace responded to those sincere cries for truth and granted the answers for authentic healing.

That’s why I wrote the book, Why Abuse. – To share His words of truth and bona fide solution for healing with you.

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