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Poetry – Lost in Darkness

Last Updated February 13th, 2019

Walking in darkness, lost and confused.
Aimless drifting, chaotic and turbulent.

Blinded sight, choosing moral wrong.
Living conditions, difficult and bleak.

Broken spirit, violated and disregarded.
Heartsick, suffering and desperate.

Seeking happiness wants, and desires.
Broader way, a transgression of God’s will.

Perfect love, death, and resurrection.
Shining light, grace, and restoration.

Life, abundant and anew.

Linda M Carleton

Linda M Carleton
Linda M Carleton

Linda suffered childhood abuse and domestic violence as a young adult. In 1991, the grace of God rescued her at a mission in Oakland, California. Linda writes to offer victims of abuse and survivors of violence hope for a better life. She lives in a small town in Upstate, New York. And enjoys studying the Bible, writing, and listening to blues and gospel music.

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