Writing Progress Update

It’s essential to keep assessing your writing progress to avoid confusion and going in the wrong direction. I recently took a step back to re-evaluate my efforts and seek God for direction.

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Taking a step back to listen and learn was helpful.

I’ve learned through the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild and other faith leaders to let go of my ideas for the Memoir and book Why Abuse, and purpose for my blog.

I wanted to explain the darkness. But, God guided me to show others through my sincere efforts that you are never alone, abandoned, and unloved.

His grace can guide your path, eliminate your fears, cleanse your heart, allow forgiveness for past abuse, and restore your life. I’m proof; you can overcome childhood trauma and live an abundant life.

Writing Progress Update

My job as a writer is to share my experiences and understanding of childhood trauma and domestic violence. To help other survivors learn life’s lessons, grow in awareness, renew their mind, and to cultivate unbeatable faith.

My goal as a writer is to shine a light of hope in the darkness.

I’ve renamed the Categories and Tags for my blog. I want to stop writing and blogging for me and connect with my reader’s heartfelt struggles today. You can leave yours in the comments section.

The most important lessons learned is God can only use your efforts and story of His rescuing grace when you listen and obey. He won’t give you the next step until you humble yourself to His will.

I’ve learned that His plan is always best.

As much as I have overcome the past, I still have unhealed emotional wounds. Let’s go forward and overcome our struggles and burdens together. After all, I’ve learned healing is a continuous process until the Lord returns.

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