Writing Journal for Healing

Burden Talk is a writing journal for healing childhood trauma. It’s a safe place (public or private) to reflect on past experiences and release your fears, and feelings of anger and sadness, and repressed memories.

Journal writing or journal therapy is a way to acknowledge and work through physical and emotional trauma. Helping you gain mental and emotional clarity, and overcome childhood trauma, so you can advance forward.

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Burden Talk is a writing therapy support group (not professional counseling or therapy). It provides a way to connect (Private Messaging) with people who understand your suffering. And to obtain and offer ongoing support to members who are carrying burdens too.

Learn more about Burden Talk by reading the Users Guide.

How the Writing Journal for Healing Started

I struggled for years to create something to help victims of childhood trauma and abuse. I wanted a special place for survivors to connect and share heartfelt stories and begin healing.

One evening my sister said;

I’m sorry, I talk about my burdens too much.

I exclaimed;

That’s it. I can register the domain Burden Talk.com and create a journal for survivors to share their burdens and heal emotional wounds through writing.

I got busy creating Burden Talk the next day. And now it’s ready for you to open your heart, write your truth, and unpack your emotional burdens. It’s free to Join so visit Burden Talk.com today.

See you on the inside. Linda M Carleton