Why Abuse

The Search for a Motive is Over

Why Abuse: The Search for a Motive is Over a book by Linda M Carleton illuminates the truth for anyone searching to understand the motives for abuse and violence.

Abuse and violence are everyday occurrences. – But, humanity grapples to answer, WHY. Why are innocent children physically and sexually abused, exploited and murdered? Children are killing children in mass school shootings and violent physical attacks? And victims across the nation and around the world live in fear?

Why Abuse Book Cover

I learned through personal suffering; the motives identified are not 100% accurate. The solutions deemed to resolve the problem are band-aid fixes.

The problem is not abuse. The mental attitudes and patterns of behavior are signs and symptoms of a different issue. And your perception, who and what you believe, is crucial to finding the answers.

The book “Why Abuse: The Search for a Motive is Over” by Linda M Carleton illuminates the truth for abuse victims, survivors and their families, police, and detectives or anyone searching to understand why abuse happens.

Providing readers with divine wisdom and eternal truths, Why Abuse shifts
your perceptions past awareness and guides the way to true healing.



Perception is the key to unlock the motive for and causes of abuse. The problem is humanity searches for answers with knowledge, instead of relying on divine wisdom and eternal truths.

Humanities perception is distorted and the motives given for abuse are not accurate. Society searches for answers with scientific knowledge, so people don’t recognize the root cause. Walking in darkness, you fail to grasp the truth, and find the solution for authentic healing.

It’s a source of wisdom and divine truth for anyone, who wants to know what the motives behind abuse are and how to mend the wounds.

This book provides insights gleaned on the motivations for abuse. It directs your attention to the underlying “root cause” enabling you to understand why abuse happens from a different perspective.

So victims, survivors, and their families, investigators and detectives can understand the motives for abuse and violence and obtain the solution for authentic healing.