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Posts tagged as “Open Letter”

Goodbye Victim Letter

Last Updated April 12th, 2019

Dear Victim,

You were an unfortunate person who suffered ill-treatment. As a child, you grew up in a dysfunctional family. You lacked the parental, and spiritual guidance needed to live an abundant life.

The father who was supposed to provide and protect violated you. The mother who was supposed to nurture and love rejected you. It’s unfortunate that you were a victim of sinful conditions growing up.

Open Letter to Parents

Last Updated February 21st, 2019

I wrote this sincere “Open Letter to Parents” back in 2014. At the time, I was putting the broken pieces (called life) back together. I was healing emotionally from child abuse and domestic violence, and spiritually from years of living in darkness with fear.

Dear Parents,

I’m mad as hell at you!

The life you prepared me for was full of turmoil, anguish, and pain.

It sucked!

You failed to do your Job as a parent. And I paid the price for your lack of good parenting skills.