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Personal Life Story

Last Updated January 20th, 2019

Linda M Carleton

A Personal Life Story of Coming to Faith in Jesus Christ

Linda – Age 17

Linda – Age 17

Linda grew up in a dysfunctional family in Lake Luzerne, New York. As children, we suffered from neglect, child abuse, and sexual abuse.

As a result, Linda acquired a dysfunctional mindset and unhealthy patterns of behavior. She lacked the moral guidance needed for an abundant adult life.

Linda became pregnant and dropped out of school at the end of eleventh grade. Married within months of turning eighteen, She experienced domestic violence.

What Kind of a Mom Were You?

Last Updated October 27th, 2018

A unique blog post for my daughter Breyann to answer her question, “what kind of a mom were you?”

My heart broke into a million pieces after losing you and scattered on the ground. I became numb to feeling anything for a long time. Suffering through abuse and domestic violence prevented me from bonding with you and your brother.

I lost custody of you and your brother and ran in fear for my life.

I’ve always said “lost” because I wanted you and your brother. Wanted to be a mom to you, and loved you and your brother deeply with all of my heart.

How God Heals a Broken Heart

Last Updated October 27th, 2018

If all hope seems lost, fear not, “God heals a broken heart, and bindeth up wounds.” He will assist you, call out to him by faith, and He will do incredible things for you too.

He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. Psalm 147:3 KJV

Healing a Broken Heart

I’ve had my heart broken many times, so often, in fact, I expected to suffer a broken heart again. It was just a matter of time.