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Posts tagged as “Faith”

Planting Seeds of Faith

Last Updated March 30th, 2019

Planting Seeds of Faith – My father always had a way with words, and the words he spoke this day was planting seeds of faith. 

My father planted seeds of faith in moments of anger. He stood his ground and refused to purchase the Bible and relieve my temporary burdens. Then he pointed me in the direction I needed to go to save my life. 

One night in a rage, my husband destroyed our wedding presents. The only wedding present he didn’t destroy an elegant family Bible.

Living in Fear is a Trap

Last Updated February 19th, 2019

When I look back over my life of 52 years, one thing stands out the most. I’ve spent a good share of my life “living in fear.”

I lived in fear of an abusive husband finding me. In fear of judgment having run away, leaving my two children behind. And fear of what other’s thought about me. In other words “fear” consumed my thoughts and held me captive in darkness.

The Unusual Dream

Last Updated February 10th, 2019

It was a cold winter morning in February of 2015. As dawn began to break, I woke up remembering an unusual dream. The dream, so vivid, so lifelike, as if I was standing in the dark cave watching.

In the center of the dark cave was a hole in the ground. Around the hole were bricks stacked about four feet in height. It appeared to be the opening of an old well.