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If you’re an abuse victim, chances are, you want to overcome childhood trauma and move forward in life. But, something is stopping you from living an abundant life.

Maybe you’re keeping a painful secret, and living in fear and carrying the burdens of guilt and shame. Perhaps you’re stuck in survivor mode, and repeating patterns of behavior and struggling to gain mental clarity.

I Know How You Feel

Hi, I’m Linda, a Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Survivor. I know the danger of keeping secrets — the feeling of living in fear and emotional burdens of guilt and shame. I lived in survivor mode and unknowingly repeated destructive patterns of behavior for years.

Linda M Carleton

After suffering through child abuse and domestic violence, and running in fear of an abusive husband, and losing custody of two children, I too suppressed the traumas.

And carried the burdens of guilt and shame for twenty-two years.

At forty-six, I, too, struggled to acknowledge the past, defeat childhood trauma, and secure a better life. But, after leaving an unhealthy relationship and meeting an estranged husband on a dating website, I started writing on a blog.

And by the grace of God, began to understand past events and how thoughts and beliefs govern behaviors and personal choices in adult life. I discovered the lack of spiritual guidance and divine wisdom blocked the way.

I found trust in the Lord, Jesus Christ is the key to restore life.

My Goal in Writing – Overcome Childhood Trauma

My purpose in writing this blog and upcoming Memoir is to encourage self-reflection and foster personal development and spiritual growth.

To help you heal childhood trauma, develop unbeatable faith, and move forward in life. You can start your journey with a popular post and join content notifications below. Opt-out anytime.

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