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If personal experience is a teacher. I learned how to heal childhood trauma and restore your life. Hi, I’m Linda M Carleton, an Abuse Survivor, Rescued by Grace.

I understand your suffering.

  • Enduring childhood trauma, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence.
  • The agony of keeping painful secrets.
  • The lack of parental guidance to succeed in life.
  • The destruction of making poor choices. Causing more pain and anguish.

I’ve walked in your shoes.

No matter your situation, you can start anew today.

Heal Childhood Trauma and Restore Your Life

Your life is constantly changing for the better or worse. You choose which direction. Heal childhood trauma and restore your life or stay in a cycle of defeat.

Take the first step to personal growth and spiritual development. – Change your thinking, and change the direction of your life. You got this one post at a time.

Surviving abuse takes courage and strength. Learning how to heal childhood trauma and restore your life requires unbeatable faith.

Join in reading true stories of conquering abuse. Reflections of life lessons learned the hard way. Learn why people are abusive, and build unbeatable faith. You can opt-out anytime.

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