If you’re an adult child abuse survivor, chances are, you want to overcome childhood trauma and change your life. But, something stops you from reaching your goal.

Are You?

  • Suppressing past trauma by keeping painful secrets?
  • Living in fear and carry the burdens of guilt and shame?
  • Making poor choices and repeating old patterns of behavior?

I understand your pain, heartache, fears and the mental turmoil; I’ve walked a mile in your shoes. And suffered through child abuse, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence, and live in oppression.

If you’re struggling to overcome child abuse, this website is for you.

I write about overcoming; past abuse, broken relationships, mental anguish, and emotional wounds, and dysfunctional mindsets. And guide you in defeating the burdens of guilt and shame so you can start living.

Healing child abuse is a journey. For adult survivors, healing is an undertaking of courage and strength. It’s a process of self-reflection and restoration. Let’s walk together.

Struggling to Overcome Abuse

Hi, I’m Linda, a fifty-three-year-old mother, writer, and professionally certified nurses and home health aid of twenty-plus years. I live in the Schoharie Valley, in Upstate New York.

I know the danger of keeping secrets — the feeling of living in fear and emotional burdens of guilt and shame.

After living through child abuse, child sexual abuse and domestic violence. And running in fear of an abusive husband, and losing custody of two children.

I too suppressed childhood traumas and carried the burdens of guilt and shame. I wasn’t expecting the painful memories to resurface again. I’d bottled them up and tucked them away in a dark corner.

Spring 2012

But the past came rushing back like a violent tidal wave. After an encounter with an estranged husband on a dating website.

Dating Website Conversation
Dating Website Conversation

That evening, I huddled on the living room floor of a new apartment and cried tears of grief, pain, and loss. I sobbed until my heart felt empty.

The emotional wall shattered into a million pieces. I could feel the anguish of child abuse, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence. And was grieving the loss of two children.

You Can Overcome Childhood Trauma

Afterward, I began writing thoughts and expressing feelings on a blog. And the journey to healing abuse and overcoming childhood trauma began.

In time, I realized how dysfunctional our family was growing up. And understood the long-term effects of child abuse and child sexual abuse.

My upbringing formed a dysfunctional mindset about relationships, family, sexual behavior, and life. And this mindset became so embedded in patterns of thinking and ways of being and acting, it didn’t seem abnormal.

My First Blog

By the grace of God. I grasped how past events, thoughts and beliefs govern behaviors and personal choices. Through self-reflection, I could see how God paved the way for forgiveness and healing.

I still love the tag line “Heal in Mind, Grow in Spirit and Live Authentically in Christ” of my first blog. It expresses the steps you need to take along your journey to healing.

And I’ve learned the best way to achieve your goal is to walk by faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. By grace, I defeated childhood trauma and secured a better life – you can too.

Healing for Abuse Survivors

I’m not an influencer and don’t pretend to have everything together. I’m still a work in progress. I write and blog to share personal stories and life lessons learned. And to bring awareness and be a voice for the voiceless.

I shine a light of hope into the darkness so abuse survivors can see the glory of God’s life-restoring grace. And your invited to take the journey of self-reflection and restoration with me.

My purpose for writing is to help you overcome childhood trauma and secure a better life. Start your healing journey with the most popular posts below or visit the Archives page.

If you have a topic you want covered or want to reach out send a message.

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