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Are you an adult survivor of child abuse? If so, chances are, you want to overcome childhood trauma and secure a better life. But, something is stopping you from achieving your goals.

What’s Stopping You?

  • Are you suppressing past trauma by keeping painful secrets?
  • Do you live in fear and carry the burdens of guilt and shame?
  • Are you making poor choices and repeating old patterns of behavior?

If you’re struggling to gain mental clarity this website is for you.

I Know How Mentally Confused You Feel

Hi, I’m Linda.

A Child Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Survivor.

Linda M Carleton
Linda M Carleton

I know the danger of keeping secrets — the feeling of living in fear and emotional burdens of guilt and shame.

After enduring child abuse, child sexual abuse and domestic violence. And running in fear of an abusive husband, and losing custody of two children.

I too suppressed the traumas and carried the burdens of guilt and shame.

Living in survivor mode, I repeated destructive patterns of behavior. Struggled to gain mental clarity, defeat childhood trauma, and secure a better life.

You Can Overcome Childhood Trauma

At forty-six, after leaving an unhealthy, twenty-three year relationship. I encountered an estranged husband on a dating website. And suppressed memories came rushing to the surface.

Within months, I started writing on a blog. And all the painful secrets and suppressed memories came surging back. The powerful tidal wave shattered the emotional wall encompassing my heart.

The Full Light Blog

In time, by the grace of God. I understood how past events, thoughts and beliefs govern behaviors and personal choices. Through self-reflection, I could see how God paved the way for forgiveness and healing.

I’ve discovered, your lack of divine wisdom and spiritual guidance keeps you trapped in a cycle of defeat. And conclude trust in the Lord, Jesus Christ is the only way of securing a better life.

By grace, I defeated childhood trauma and secured a better life – you can too.

Healing for Abuse Survivors

My purpose for writing is to help you heal childhood trauma and secure a better life. Start your healing journey with new post notifications (opt-out anytime). Read the most popular posts below or visit the Archives page.

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