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Linda M Carleton

Why Abuse Happens

Last Updated April 12th, 2019

You can grasp why abuse happens to overcome the torment or remain trapped in darkness with fear. – Abuse scars a victim’s heart and oppresses the mind. Downtrodden in spirit, victims have a difficult time letting go of the story.

The story of abuse becomes a record, playing over and over again in the recesses of the mind. Victim’s recount what happened, and hold onto the pain and suffering caused by others.

Victims remain trapped in darkness long after the affliction has ended.   

When you grasp why abuse happens, you end the mental torment and start healing the deep scars. And the way you perceive your story and what you believe to be true is an essential part of that process.

How to Free the Skeletons in Your Closet

Last Updated March 7th, 2019

Everyone has done or suffered through situations they are ashamed of and keep a secret. Almost everybody has skeletons in their closet.

I hid painful secrets or skeletons deep inside for years. In a private place, no one was allowed to know about or enter into for fear of being exposed.

I call this private place the Skeleton Closet.

I was hiding secrets and living in fear and shame

Memoir – Introduction

Last Updated January 30th, 2019

I was forty-six when God granted understanding for the cause of abuse and began the healing process. His grace enabled me to come to terms with the childhood abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and domestic violence endured for three and one-half years.

He shattered the emotional wall encompassing my heart into a million pieces. Allowing me to feel the pain, hurt, and anguish, and grieve the loss of my children.

Utterly heartbroken, I sat on the living room floor of a new apartment crying for over an hour. I cried until my heart was void of past affliction and barren of secrets.