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Open your heart, write your truth, and unpack your emotional burdens at Burden Talk.com. A self-reflection and reflective writing journal for survivors of childhood trauma. Talk with like minded people who understand you.

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Understanding Your Story

I’ve learned understanding your story; the narrative of your life requires deep self-reflection. Reflecting on times of suffering and darkness, you explore memories for answers. As you ponder, afflictions experienced, and unacknowledged grief and anguish come to light. The more in-depth you examine, the more you uncover and are willing to reveal, the more you …

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The Perils of Copying Artists Work

A story about copying Artist work and how to be authentically you. Like an Artist work, he dressed in bright pastel shirts, and ornate ties with brown or black creased pants brushing polished shoes. Thin silver bracelets swayed and square-ish rings were a signature. Teaching students the principals of Fine Art was more than a …

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