Last updated on: March 30, 2019

The Power of Restoring Grace: A Memoir of Survival, Second Chances and Forgiveness



I’ll never forget that day.

I warned him, “you have one year to show me the love and respect I deserve, or I’m leaving.” He didn’t heed that warning. And one year later, I found a small two bedroom apartment in town. Before leaving, I told him, “And don’t expect a return trip this time around. I’m not coming back.”

My new apartment was very charming. The futon had arrived as ordered, and matching white and maroon curtains hung in place. I was happy for the first time in a long time.

Then disaster struck like a violent tidal wave.

Within a few months; I started dating, encountered an estranged abusive husband on a dating website, and became pregnant. Happiness turned to devastation at the thought of raising another child at forty-six years old.

Years of abuse and mistreatment took a heavy toll mentally, emotionally, and physically, and the strength to keep fighting, to survive, was gone. – The darkness encompassed every aspect of my life.

I prayed the unthinkable.

The power of God’s grace to restore life is greater than the forces of darkness to destroy it. However, many abuse victims are unaware of the darkness encompassing their life. And fail to see the need for a loving God to rescue them by grace.

This is an inspirational memoir about overcoming child abuse and fighting to survive domestic violence. It’s one survivors journey to finding forgiveness and freedom in a loving God.

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