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Memoir – Author’s Preface

A Mother’s love, a precious gift, with loving arms she comforts her child in sickness. And mothers have a unique way of soothing boo-boos too. However, not all children get to experience a mother’s love and sometimes the wounds much too big.

A mother’s love can be out of reach for the children who suffer abuse and violence growing up. The abused child will miss out on the parental love and guidance required for adult life. Without direction, the child becomes lost in a world with adverse conditions.

In the darkness, the child wanders through life unprepared, with a dysfunctional mindset. Always searching for the answers to life’s numerous questions. The questions why, how come and what happened to continue to plague the mind.

Frequently, the vicious cycle of abuse and dysfunction continues from generation to generation without asking questions, passed down without a thought for authentic answers or permanent change.

Thus, when an abuse survivor and a mother of lost children have discovered the truth, she will display motherly love by sharing her story.

This Memoir is written for my daughter Breyanne. I hope it answers the questions plaguing your mind. And that you obtain understanding, comfort, and forgiveness within the pages. Above all else, I pray you and others will find God’s rescuing grace and life-restoring love.

All My Love, Linda M Carleton

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