How did you get into writing?

I never planned to be a writer. The thought of sharing my darkest secrets was not intentional. As a child, I learned to keep secrets, not to tell your business in the public eye. And like many other abuse victims, I was lead astray into the darkness.

The Big Dream $ $ $

My big dream was to become a website designer. The lure of earning lot’s of money drove the desire to learn and master the craft of website design.

Yet, God had a different plan for the design talents given. And after learning to listen and walk in obedience to Him (Jesus Take the Wheel and Handle My Life), the fruits of my labor became evident in writing.

In the personal stories of His saving grace and unconditional love, not my coding abilities.

The journey was never about the money!

His plan was to set me free. His grace is amazing!

How did you start writing?

I started writing on a tumblr blog after meeting an estranged abusive husband on a dating website. Yes, on a dating website. Didn’t see that one coming.

That’s when suppressed memories of child abuse and domestic violence came surging back. The powerful tidal wave shattered the emotional wall encompassing my heart.

Within months, I started engaging with Joe Amoia on His quote, “take some mirror time” was a godsend. It guided me to reminisce about past events in life.

Through writing The Heart of Domestic Violence I discovered the benefits of self-reflection and writing. I’ve been writing and blogging ever since.

How did you start blogging?

I continued writing and blogging about everything that came to mind. All the painful stuff hidden beneath the surface came rushing out onto the pages of several blogs (Psycho Tree, The Full Light, Gonna Be Me, and The Lord is Calling).

I hand coded my first personal blog named The Full Light.

Reflecting back it’s obvious to see each blog was an outward expression of the current mindset. As the mindset changed, so to did the blog name. I continued moving in a new direction in life.

1st Blog: Psycho Tree – My Family of Nuts – the tagline was not so gracious.

2nd Blog: The Full Light – Heal in Mind, Grow in Spirit and Live Authentically – What I was trying to accomplish at the time.

3rd Blog: Gonna Be Me – No Tagline – I simply wanted to be me.

4th Blog: The Lord is Calling – An Invitation, A Calling – to Walk in the Light of Christ and Follow the Lord, Jesus Christ. I recognize now, it was more of a personal calling to obey the Word of God than a blog for others.

The Grace of God

By the grace of God, through writing, I understood past events and patterns of thinking. How beliefs governed behaviors and personal choices in adult life. And the foundation for adult life became crystal clear.

God’s rescuing grace enabled me to let go of the past and granted forgiveness. Through it, all, I learned, God’s grace is enough for all things. His strength becomes perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9 KJV).

God promises never to leave nor forsake you, and in Him, you can win a victory over anything. Trusting in Him was the best decision ever.

My poem Little Girl Lost is a reflection of His saving grace in my darkest moments of weakness.

What are you writing?

I’m currently writing a Memoir. God willing!

It’s an inspirational memoir about suffering child abuse and fighting to survive domestic violence. It’s one survivors journey to finding forgiveness and freedom in a loving God.

You will find progress notes and updates in the Writing section. Check back often, so you don’t miss them.

Abused, Be Strong, Fear Not – Linda M Carleton

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