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Personal stories of child abuse and domestic violence. True stories with messages of grace, redemption, hope, and forgiveness.

Personal Life Story

Last Updated January 20th, 2019

Linda M Carleton

A Personal Life Story of Coming to Faith in Jesus Christ

Linda – Age 17

Linda – Age 17

Linda grew up in a dysfunctional family in Lake Luzerne, New York. As children, we suffered from neglect, child abuse, and sexual abuse.

As a result, Linda acquired a dysfunctional mindset and unhealthy patterns of behavior. She lacked the moral guidance needed for an abundant adult life.

Linda became pregnant and dropped out of school at the end of eleventh grade. Married within months of turning eighteen, She experienced domestic violence.

I Wanted to be a Website Designer

Last Updated February 10th, 2019

I wanted to be a website designer. To become one, you need to be self-driven, motivated and determined. I was, and therefore researched how to code CSS, HTML, XHTML and HTML5. Invested numerous nights learning how to read and work with PHP, JavaScript, and other coding languages.

After mastering how to use an FTP program, incorporate SEO into web pages and other aspects of website design. I knew how to design and manage responsive, accessible, and mobile-friendly websites.

I had BIG dreams!

The Unusual Dream

Last Updated February 10th, 2019

It was a cold winter morning in February of 2015. As dawn began to break, I woke up remembering an unusual dream. The dream, so vivid, so lifelike, as if I was standing in the dark cave watching.

In the center of the dark cave was a hole in the ground. Around the hole were bricks stacked about four feet in height. It appeared to be the opening of an old well.