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Linda M Carleton

My name is Linda, by God’s grace, I overcame child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. Gained freedom over fear, guilt, and shame, and was given abundant life. – And you can succeed too.

Have you suffered cruel, tortures and inhumane treatment?

If so, be strong, and fear not. I grasp the paralyzing fear, physical agony, and intense mental torment. And empathize with your emotional suffering, and heartfelt grief, and loss.

I too suffered in silence. Living in fear, struggling to understand the motives for abuse. Not understanding why my parents were abusive and husband became violent.

I asked the same question;

Why Abuse.

The answer came twenty-two years later.

After an unexpected encounter with an estranged abusive husband on a dating website. Afterward, all the skeletons, once locked away in the closet, resurfaced.

Taking a brave first step, I started writing, sharing painful secrets on the pages of several blogs. And repressed memories of child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence came surging back.

My heart longed for understanding, and someone to care about the pain and suffering, and someone did. By the grace of God, the mental strongholds, and emotional wounds started mending. And in time, the motives for and causes of abuse, and answers for authentic healing became crystal clear.

Answering, Why Abuse

Today, I write to share personal stories of abuse, hope, and forgiveness. With life lessons learned the hard way. And candidly share deep insights gleaned from personal experiences on the motives for abuse and answer to the question, why abuse.

I’m currently writing a memoir called Out of a Secret Darkness: A Memoir of Survival, Freedom, and Forgiveness. My next book in progress is titled Why Abuse: The Search for a Motive is Over.

My goal is to help abuse victims, survivors and their families, police and investigators understand the motives for abuse, and obtain the solution for authentic healing.

I write to lead victims of abuse and survivors of violence out of the darkness, so they can live an abundant life too.

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If this is your first visit, I want you to know, things “CAN” get better, and when you cling to “HOPE” in Jesus Christ, things “DO” get better. With this in mind, here are the best articles to start reading.

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Abused, Be Strong, Fear Not – Linda M Carleton