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If personal experience is a teacher. I earned a master’s degree in why people abuse others. And learned how to conquer abuse and restore your life.

Linda M Carleton

Hi, I’m Linda M Carleton, an advocate for the restoration of abuse victims. Sleepie was my childhood nickname. It took forty-six years to Awaken.

I understand your suffering.

Enduring child abuse, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence. Keeping painful secrets to difficult to tell. Lacking parental guidance to succeed in life. Making poor choices causing more pain and anguish. – I walked in your shoes.

No matter your situation, you can start anew today.

Conquer Abuse, Restore Your Life

Life is changing for the better or worse. You choose which direction. Gain wisdom to conquer abuse and restore your life or stay in a cycle of defeat.

Take the first step to personal growth and development. – Change your thinking, change the direction of your life. – You got this one step at a time.

Join in sharing true stories of abuse and reflections of life lessons learned the hard way. Engage in content to promote spiritual understanding for why people abuse others. And build undebatable faith to conquer abuse and restore your life. You can opt-out anytime.

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