Hi, I’m Linda M Carleton

Abuse Survivor, Rescued by Grace, Fearless Writer by Choice.

My Father spoke in riddles, making you think one minute and causing confusing the next. Like the baffling statement made before my wedding, “You can’t start out in life with a broken garden hoe.” It was a head scratcher for twenty-eight years.

His famous remark;

don’t tell anyone what goes on in this house.

Keeping secrets, I lived in darkness with fear and carried heavy burdens. At forty-six, a battered heart split open, and sinister secrets and burning emotional pain spilled out.

And blocked memories of abuse; accounts filled with anger, bitterness, guilt, and shame was published on a blog. Pressing past the scrutiny of the public eye, a fearless writer emerged.

After years of suffering in silence, I learned to keep secrets from the public eye was a grave weakness. Stuffing raw and painful emotions into a corner obstruct the light of truth from shining.

Keeping secrets prevents you from moving forward in life.

God willing; “Secrets My Father Didn’t Want Told” will be more than a distant memory. My story will a Memoir portraying God’s redeeming love.

Until it becomes published, read true stories of overcoming abuse. Reflections of past experiences and life lessons learned the hard way. And join in learning wisdom so you can cultivate unbeatable faith and change your life.