About Linda M Carleton

Let’s start with who I’m not; a professional blogger or writer who goes by a slogan. Although an “Abuse Survivor, Rescued by Grace” often comes to mind. I am Linda M Carleton, aka Sleepie; it took forty-six years to awaken.

Linda M Carleton 2016
Linda M. Carleton

I grew up in the Adirondacks on Carleton Hill in Lake Luzerne, New York. The vast woodland, once owned by my grandparents, Willard and Maude Carleton was a place of natural beauty and childhood trauma.

My Grandparents, Willard, and Maude Carleton
Willard, and Maude Carleton

In school, kids called us the “crazy Carleton’s.” Who wants to be tied in with crazy people? Not me, I put up physical walls, shutting family members out as much as possible and for a good reason too.

The local papers told the story;

Police Arrest Father on Charges of Sexual Abuse

I was fourteen when the police arrested Dad, and the courts removed him from home. Allowing him to work weekdays and serve time in jail on weekends. He lived in a small apartment in town; down the High School hill.

Erwin and Edith Carleton
My Parents Wedding

Even worse mom stood by his side; spending free time after work, in his apartment and playing Bingo, neglecting her four remaining children. 

As a result, I was forced into the mother role to three younger siblings. It began a fierce battle that raged until my brother’s death on June 7th, 2014.

Linda – Age 17
Linda – Age 17

My parents built the foundation for adult life, and it consists of dysfunction, neglect, and abuse. – Patterns of behavior that unknowingly continued throughout adult life.

God’s Grace Illuminated the Darkness

At forty-six, God’s grace illuminated the darkness encompassing my life. Enabling spiritual understanding for the trauma and providing the solution for genuine healing.

God made it known;

His grace rescued me out of the darkness of sin.

I’m not crazy!

I am Linda M Carleton, an abuse survivor, mother of four and a professional caregiver of twenty plus years. I’m surrounded by beauty living in the Schoharie Valley in Upstate, New York. My favorite pass times are writing, listening to blues and gospel music and studying the Word of God.

Schoharie Valley, Upstate New York
Schoharie Valley, New York

Three favorite songs are;  Redeemed, I Saw the Light and Forgiven. Please take a moment to listen, as they summarize my personal life story nicely! 

Today, I identify with the song Survivor by Zach Williams. I’m a survivor rescued from the grip of sin by the grace of God.

Core Beliefs and Values

I believe the truth is the Word of God, and the solution for healing is Jesus Christ.

At the deepest level, the heart, I’m an advocate. In many ways, I’ve always been advocating, fighting for good to prevail over evil. I write fearlessly to help other abuse survivors resolve childhood trauma, mend the wounds and restore their lives.

I hope you find eternal value in my writing on the pages of this blog and upcoming Memoir. You can learn more by reading “How did you get into writing?” in the Writing section.

Abused, Fear Not – #SurvivorByGrace – Linda M Carleton