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Poetry – Lost in Darkness

Walking in darkness, lost and confused. Aimless drifting, chaotic and turbulent. Blinded sight, choosing moral wrong.Living conditions, difficult and bleak. Broken spirit, violated and disregarded. Heartsick, suffering and desperate. Seeking happiness wants, and desires. Broader way, a transgression of God’s will. Perfect love, death, and resurrection. Shining light, grace, and restoration. Life, abundant and anew.… Read more Poetry – Lost in Darkness

Poetry – Life is Like a Facebook Feed

When life leaves you feeling like a Facebook feed.Always erratic and changing direction. When the pages of life scroll out of control.There’s only one anchor link of support and stability. Follow the Lord, Jesus Christ, and trust in Him.He will clear up the confusion and guide the way. Linda M Carleton Image Courtesy of