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Linda M Carleton Posts

Open Letter: Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church

Open Letter Speaking Truth

Photo by Rachel Lynette French on Unsplash

You should never write an open letter when you are angry. I’ll make an exception this time. – I’m mad about the so-called child sexual abuse scandal and the Catholic Church.

To call it a scandal is to imply gossip, shame, and, disgrace. The wounds are profoundly deeper than personal feelings or hurt pride.

The Roots for child sexual abuse go back a long way — the problem roots in deception and fulfilling the sinful desires of the flesh.

Grasp the Truth: Why Abuse Happens

You can grasp the truth about why abuse happens to overcome the torment or remain trapped in darkness with fear. – Abuse scars a victim’s heart and oppresses the mind and spirit. And victims have a difficult time letting go of the story.

The story of abuse becomes like a record, playing over and over again in the recesses of the mind. Victim’s recount what happened, and hold onto the pain and suffering caused by others.

They remain trapped in darkness long after the affliction has ended.   

If you can grasp the truth about abuse, you can end the mental torment and begin healing the deep scars. And the way you perceive your story and what you believe to be true is an essential part of that process.